Music-Based Therapeutic Interventions for People with Dementia: A Mini-Review by Annemieke Vink (ArtEZ) and Suzanne Hanser (Berklee College of Music)

Medicines 2018, 5(4), 109; Music-Based Therapeutic Interventions for People with Dementia: A Mini-Review Annemieke Vink 1,* and Suzanne Hanser 2,* 1 Music Therapy Department, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Academy of Music, 7511 PN Enschede, The Netherlands 2 Music Therapy Department, Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA 02215, USA * Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed. Received: 13 September 2018 / Revised: Lees verder [...]

Lullaby for Pain Management in the NICU: from Music Therapy Research blog!

Lullaby for Pain Management in the NICU By Kimberly Woodman There has been a substantial amount of research conducted within the last 20 years relating to the use of music within the NICU context, both by music therapists and other medical professionals. Researchers have shown that music may be beneficial for decreasing stress symptoms, crying, and the length of NICU stays. Furthermore, music may be used to increase vital signs, coordinate sucking and feeding behaviors, and weight gain. These Lees verder [...]

Music therapy may reduce depressive symptoms, met bijdrage van Annemieke Vink namens ArtEZ Muziektherapie

Providing people with dementia who are in institutional care with at least five sessions of a music-based therapeutic intervention probably reduces depressive symptoms and improves overall behavioural problems at the end of treatment, found a Cochrane Review of 22 trials. A Cochrane Review team from Leiden University Medical Centre, Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute, University Medical Centre Utrecht and ArtEZ School of Music, in the Netherlands set out to see if they could find evidence Lees verder [...]

Mooi interview met Artur Jaschke ArtEZ Lectoraat Muziektherapie op (van ArtEZ alumnus Manon Bruinsma)!

June 26, 2018   tmullink ‘We moeten het brein van ouderen met Alzheimer blijven stimuleren’ Muziek draagt bij aan een betere breinfunctie van ouderen met Alzheimer. Verpleeghuizen zouden daarom meer muziektherapie, music based interventies en gepersonaliseerde muziekprojecten zoals dat van Music & Memory in hun zorgaanbod moeten opnemen, stelt Artur Jaschke, onderzoeker music based therapy en interventies in de gezondheidszorg bij ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede en de Lees verder [...]

ArtEZ / VU Summer School: Clinical research methods in music sciences and interventions, August 30 and 31 2018

Music Sciences and Music interventions in the broadest sense have been increasingly moved into the spotlight of scientific research. With this, the demand towards clinical protocols and unified methods has been a point of both discussion and necessity. While individual treatment protocols find their way into the clinical music-based practice, the use of methods and methodologies remains a bit of a mystery to many. Against this back drop, music-based therapy and intervention research knows the concept Lees verder [...]

Save the date, ArtEZ Music Therapy presents! 1st Dutch Conference: Music Therapy Interventions in Neonatal care, 22-24 march, 2018

First Dutch conference and training. English spoken. The Music Therapy department of ArtEZ organizes: A conference 'Music Therapy Interventions in Neonatal Care' on Thursday 22 March 2018 from 10.00 - 17.00 hrs, at the ArtEZ Academy of Music Enschede. A twodays NICU training 'Music Therapy Interventions in Neonatal Care' on Friday 23 and Saterday 24 March 2018 from 9.00 - 18.00 hrs, also at the ArtEZ Academy of Music Enschede. Participants will receive a certificate for Lees verder [...]

Training Muziekkusseninterventie voor mensen met dementie, aanmelden is nog mogelijk!

De training muziekkusseninterventie voor dementerende mensen met nachtelijke onrust is bedoeld voor afgestudeerde muziektherapeuten. Wat leer je in deze nascholing van ArtEZ Muziektherapie? Toepassen van de muziekkusseninterventie volgens vijf systematische stappen. Waarom de muziekkusseninterventie effectief zou kunnen zijn. Wanneer je de interventie wel en wanneer niet in kunt zetten ter vermindering van nachtelijke onrust. Je ervaart welke muziek geschikt is voor deze interventie Lees verder [...]

Mooi nieuw artikel van ArtEZ Muziektherapie collega Tom Abrahams in The Arts in Psychotherapy!

Musical Attention Control Training (MACT) in secure residential youth care: a randomised controlled pilot study Abstract With 75% of the population in secure residential youth care diagnosed with attention-related problems, these individuals might benefit from Musical Attention Control Training (MACT). The purpose of this randomised controlled pilot study was to determine the feasibility and preliminary effects of MACT on attention outcomes in secure residential youth care. Because of the generally Lees verder [...]