Lees mee…Songwriting as solace: ‘I live in the same body but it can’t talk to me any more’

“Music is healing, music is medicine. In times of trouble, music is what we turn to,” said Deltra Goodrem on last week’s episode of The Voice. Two contestants that night told how music had helped them cope with their personal struggles. A young man had lost a mother at an early age; while a woman described living with facial palsy after having surgery to remove a brain tumour. The panel members also shared their own perspectives. Ronan Keating spoke of how music helped him after the Lees verder [...]

Aftermovie van de geslaagde NVvMT studentendag, 13 mei 2016 bij het ArtEZ Conservatorium te Enschede!

Aftermovie van de geslaagde NVvMT studentendag in Enschede. Met dank aan Yanou Cantineau, student muziektherapie ArtEZ. Aftermovie NVvMT studentendag aftermovie van de NVvMT studentendag van 13 mei 2016 bij het ArtEZ Conservatorium. Lees verder [...]