New book offers guidance on how to deliver systematic approaches in forensic music therapy! Proud of our colleague dr. Laurien Hakvoort, ArtEZ Music Therapy Enschede!

Download PDF Copy April 29, 2017 ‘The Clinician's Guide to Forensic Music Therapy’ by Dr Stella Compton Dickinson and Dr Laurien Hakvoort, is the first book to offer clear, evidence-based manuals for forensic music therapists in the treatment and recovery of men and women in secure hospitals and prisons. This book is the outcome of rigorous health service research over fifteen years and independently conducted research from the Netherlands. (Hakvoort) The UK model was developed Lees verder [...]

ArtEZ Music Therapy is looking forward to meet Dr. Ben Schögler of Skoogmusic!

Musicality, Accessibility and Technology. An introduction to the world of Skoog - April 6th 2017 For many people principle barriers to making music are the instruments themselves. In 2006 in partnership with NESTA a team from Edinburgh University set about creating a new kind of musical instrument. One that was designed for children and musical novices to support natural musicality in play and more specifically one that would be accessible to all Users, including those with physical or learning Lees verder [...]