ArtEZ Music Therapy is looking forward to meet Dr. Ben Schögler of Skoogmusic!

Musicality, Accessibility and Technology. An introduction to the world of Skoog – April 6th 2017

For many people principle barriers to making music are the instruments themselves. In 2006 in partnership with NESTA a team from Edinburgh University set about creating a new kind of musical instrument. One that was designed for children and musical novices to support natural musicality in play and more specifically one that would be accessible to all Users, including those with physical or learning disabilities. This was how Skoog was born. In 2009 Skoogmusic Ltd was formed and in 2010 they began shipping the first Skoog to customers around the world. Since then the team has continued to work in partnership with users and industry partners to evolve Skoog and recently released the most recent version for iOS with Apple inc.

The workshop at ArtEZ will explore the science behind Skoog and the different challenges the team faced in developing a new musical instrument specifically for those with disabilities.

On the practical side Dr. Schögler will discuss and demonstrate how Skoog has been used across a range of different ages, abilities and interests.

Dr. Ben Schögler (PhD) is Co-founder and Creative Director at Skoogmusic Ltd – Ben is passionate about making music accessible for everyone and was part of the NESTA team that invented SKOOG – an instrument that anyone can play.
Skoogmusic Ltd. creates new ways to play. Founded in 2009 with the goal of “music made easy”, the company is based in Edinburgh, in Leith, where Skoog is still made! The team has just launched their latest product globally with Apple Inc.



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