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6 oktober 2017 – Week van de Vaktherapie


The Art of Mentalizing

Day course on Mentalisation Based Arts Therapies by Dr. Dominik Havsteen-Franklin & Holly Dwyer Hall.

For arts therapists (all differentiations), psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists working with complex health issues.
Georganiseerd door HAN Creatieve Therapie Opleiding i.s.m. International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies Training in Mental Health (ICAPT)

This day will focus on the use of arts to help patients in private work or health care contexts regain a capacity for reflexivity in relationships. It is well known that a central issue in many mental health disorders and relational problems is the fundamental breakdown of mentalizing. In non-mentalizing states emotions are heightened and self-other relationships become profoundly distorted. This manifests in a range of ways including over-thinking, quick-fix responses, and generalisations, often confirmed by the transference – countertransference matrix. This day will be led by senior arts therapists, consultants and researchers to teach about evidence informed methods of using arts to restore mentalizing, the fundamental capacity to engage, reflect and be with another. Many of the techniques taught will be part of your therapeutic repertoire, but this day will help you to further contextualise and make sense of your therapeutic stance, method and how they relate to outcomes. Central to the day will be how the use of the arts can help to facilitate this experience from non-mentalizing to mentalizing illustrating how this can have an impact on affect regulation, attachment and reflexivity.


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Locatie Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Kapittelweg 33, 6525 EN Nijmegen

Inschrijving: mail je naam o.v.v. MBT cursus 6 okt. naar

Kosten: 120 euro p.p.



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