ArtEZ / VU Summer School: Clinical research methods in music sciences and interventions, August 30 and 31 2018

Music Sciences and Music interventions in the broadest sense have been increasingly moved into the spotlight of scientific research. With this, the demand towards clinical protocols and unified methods has been a point of both discussion and necessity. While individual treatment protocols find their way into the clinical music-based practice, the use of methods and methodologies remains a bit of a mystery to many. Against this back drop, music-based therapy and intervention research knows the concept of mixed methods, whereby qualitative and quantitative methodologies are implemented. While qualitative methods enjoy a long tradition in this field, quantifying results through so-called golden standards of health and psychological sciences (meta-analysis, longitudinal designs, RCT, N=1-RCT’s), still require detailed implementation and more so a thorough knowledge base.

This is the ArtEZ / VU Summer School:

  • Introducing students (BA/MA) as well as professionals from a varied music scientific and/or intervention background to the fundamental research skills required for quantitative research designs and beyond. We aim to discuss troubles and challenges when preparing to collect data.
  • Additionally, this introductory summerschool, gives insights into research methodologies necessary for potential candidates, who want to pursue a PhD-programme in the field of music-based therapies and interventions.
  • Lectures and workshops.
  • The programme will be held in English on 30 and 31 August 2018, from 9.30 till 17.00 hrs, at the VU University Amsterdam.
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